You only have one type of person you market to in your business or non-profit organization...

Human beings.

We believe that businesses exist to serve people by solving their problems.


Yes, profitability is key. But profits come from people.


Therefore, every business and every organization ultimately is in the people-business. 


And the ones that connect with their people by treating them as human beings, communicating with them in clear and compelling ways, are the ones that win.

I’m Chris Gensheer, a former Pastor turned Agency Owner. Like you, I know what it’s like to juggle working on your business and working in your business

I became overwhelmed with trying to do it all and frustrated that no matter how hard I worked at communicating out to our target audience, nothing seemed to move the needle in our organization. And I have a background in Marketing and Communications! 

But when I discovered a proven framework that helped me clarify our message, we started to see results immediately. We went from invisibility on page three to a first page of online search within a few short weeks. We saw more leads, more consistently, and our organization started to grow.  And it all came down to the words we were using to clarify our message to our audience. 

No additional ad-spend. No major marketing systems or expensive advertising agencies. No gimmicks, tricks, or games. We stopped wasting money and losing time chasing ineffective solutions, and just clarified of our message with simple and strategic words.  

Now as Founder and Chief Strategist, and with my wife Maggie as Creative Director,  we help businesses do the same. 


Contact us today and see how clarifying your organization’s message can be the simplest and most effective way to grow your business  and align your team today. 


Headshot of Melissa Morgner of Little Brown Bottles and dōTERRA

I had been working so closely on my website for a long time that I wanted to be sure I was hitting the mark before it went live. So I worked with Chris to look it over with a set of fresh eyes and his StoryBrand expertise. His evaluation was very thorough and precise, the changes he suggested were easy to make, and he was super encouraging about the work I’d already done while offering ways to level it up. I now feel confident that my site is ready, that it has my brand messaging in place, and that I won’t lose visitors because I’ve confused them.

Melissa Morgner

Jerry Ritchie of Common Ground Network in Mansfield recommends Chris Gensheer and Empathy Marketing Group

Empathy Marketing Group helped us as a Board of Directors clarify our message and translated that into a relaunched website. Since then we have not only had greater confidence in telling others who we are and what we do, but we have seen an increase in program involvement and donor engagement.

Jerry Ritchie

Dr. Ashley Coerver of Crosspointe Dental & Sleep Solutions in Dallas Fort Worth

Empathy Marketing Group is amazing to work with! They took the time to sit down with me and hear the story about our business, why it was started and why we exist. They in turn took that information and turned it into a “story” that would speak to my potential patients. Now, when I’m asked what I do for a living, I’m not just simply a “dentist”, but someone who gives patients “the best experience ever in the dental chair” and helps patients “sleep through the night and attack the day”. They are very receptive to feedback and any changes that need to be made. I would highly recommend them!

Dr. Ashley Coerver

Happy client of Empathy Marketing Group, Calibration Chiropractic serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

Chris has a brilliant mind and is able to easily take business owners on a journey of communicating their messages more effectively to their target audience. It helps having outside eyes and ears to clarify and simply a message with much more impact, and he does a wonderful job at that!

Dr. Joseph & Dr. Jordan Adams

Mansfield Mission Center Executive Director Carmin MacMilan on working with Empathy Marketing Group

We’re working with Empathy Marketing Group on a second project! Chris has a gift for teasing out communication messaging and giving helpful feedback. His storytelling style, language, and insights have been extremely valuable to us in print materials and live presentations. Our communication strategy is much improved because of Chris’s talent!

Carmin MacMillan

Wayne Simmons is Chairman of the Board for Leadership Mansfield and he recommends Chris Gensheer and Empathy Marketing Group

When Leadership Mansfield decided it was time to overhaul our website and create a new logo, I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed with what was to come. When we met with Chris the first time, the nerves went away. He asked us questions to get our vision of what we wanted in a website, and questions about our program that didn’t seem like we were talking about a website anymore. Chris took all this information that the board gave him and made us a beautiful website and logo. He emailed us “proofs” of the website so we could look at it during the building process and was very responsive to the changes we wanted him to make along the way. He made it super easy, and we are very satisfied with everything.

Wayne Simmons

You want to grow and serve more people.

We want to help you do just that.