Power of brands with power and empathy to do good like Lacoste for endangered species

Brands Using Their Power for Good

When brands have market share, power, and empathy, they can do some awesome things.

Like the brand Lacoste, the French clothing manufacturer famous for their iconic crocodile on their items. For a limited edition, they swapped out the crocodile for one of 10 endangered species across the planet.

These limited edition polos were manufactured in proportion to the number of animals in each species. Here’s what they say on their website.

“Limited edition polos will be available on May 22, 2019 in 9 cities around the world at 10am local time and at 10am EST on Lacoste.com. All profits from Wednesday, May 22nd will help IUCN’s efforts to conserve wildlife.”

Lacoste website, https://www.lacoste.com/us/saveourspecies.html

They sold out in 24 hours.

A brand with an iconic image, quality product, taking it’s most noticeable asset and swapping it out for a good cause provokes its customers to join them in their mission.

This is the power of a brand mixed with empathy and an engaged audience in action.

Call to Action

How are you building up your brand to be able to do more good?

For a fuller story, check out this piece on Lacoste by CNN.

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