Empathy Marketing Group is now a Preferred Partner of the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce

What does this mean for you?
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Members of the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce Receive These Special Benefits from Empathy Marketing Group


Mansfield Area Chamber members can book a free one hour consulting session with Chris Gensheer, founder of Empathy Marketing Group & StoryBrand Certified Guide.


Chris Gensheer will come and present a keynote introduction to StoryBrand about clarifying your message for your team, group, or other association. 


Mansfield Area Chamber members also receive a comprehensive marketing audit for $100 off the original price (sales tax not included). 

We Love the Mansfield Chamber

The mission of the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce is one that has gripped us from day one: Advocating for pro-business policies, Connecting members to the community, and Educating on best practices all in order to support our businesses in our various journeys of success. Lori Williams and her team have served us all well. I know that our company has benefited from this great group and it is an honor to be able to contribute back into this community. 

Every business is in the people business. We believe that businesses will win when we treat our customers like human beings instead of just transactions. When we can communicate in terms that they not only understand, but find compelling because we are addressing their concerns, serving their needs, and solving their problems. 

This is our mission as a marketing company, and we love to help you and your business communicate in clear and compelling ways so you can grow and serve more people. 

Empathy Marketing Group helps business communicate in clear and compelling ways using StoryBrand


We are happy to talk with you at anytime about your marketing and messaging needs. Reach out to Chris Gensheer today and let’s discuss how to clarify your message and grow your business.