Celebrating as a Team when their marketing works from using Empathy in their Marketing

Why Empathy Marketing Group?

Businesses are struggling because their customers are being bombarded with an average of 5,500 marketing messages a day. This is a shame because your people need what you have to offer, and they can’t discover you. How will you cut through the noise in order to stand out to your target audience?

Welcome to Empathy Marketing Group, where we help you communicate in clear and compelling ways online, in print, and in person, because at the end of the day, websites, books, or courses don’t move people, words do.

If you need help growing your business or organization – whether you’re a for-profit or for-cause (non-profit) – we help you clarify your message, clean up your online presence, and grow your bottom line. We draw from a wide range of resources: from Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework to Gary Varynerchuck’s “clouds-and-dirt” and put in the work philosophy; from Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership principles to Tony Robbins inspirational coaching; from ancient Judeo-Christian wisdom to the best of contemporary research and studies. We apply the best of each of these streams to bring out your message more clearly and more compellingly out to the world.

We’ll share tips, tools, and inspiration, along with special offers from time to time here on our Facebook page. But our main goal for this page is to create a community around aligning life and business around our uniqueness and our organization’s growth.

To see what we can do for you and your organization more formally, check out www.empathymarketinggroup.com.

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