StoryBrand, Marketing with Empathy and Being Part of This Great Community

We launched Empathy Marketing Group to help businesses grow by reaching their customers with more clear and compelling communication. But even we needed some help. So this past April I had the privilege of joining a great organization with some truly stellar members. It was the StoryBrand organization, and I am now one of several new Certified Guides brought into their team.

Since I’ve returned from that week in Nashville, I have been working on both completing projects and implementing changes to my own business; changes that have resulted in engaging more clients, and helping them reach more of their customers.

I just want to take a moment to be thankful and reflect on why I went down this road. If I had to boil it down I’d say that it’s one aspect more than any other that I personally resonate within the business of running Empathy Marketing Group as it relates to StoryBrand.

It’s the principle of being the guide (not the hero).

The guide is the one who comes alongside and helps the hero. Who understands and can help them where they need it most. It’s putting the attention, the curiosity, and the effort, in helping them, not yourself.

This is what I’m striving to see in Empathy Marketing Group. Coming alongside our clients to help them succeed in their businesses and other organizations.

This is one reason why I’m thankful to be part of the StoryBrand community.

PS – Some photos and updates from my time in Nashville at the April StoryBrand Live event and Guide Certification training.

“A great week with this man and the rest of the @storybrand_ team. Never have I had so much fun learning and growing in my business. I’m excited to be home with my family, and excited to implement what we learned at @gensheeragency and @empathymarketinggroup.”

Donald Miller of StoryBrand standing with new Certified Guide Chris Gensheer of Empathy Marketing Group!
Great time learning from Donald Miller and the great team at StoryBrand Live in Nashville.

“Guys, meet my friend Marlon. He traveled the furthest to attend this @storybrand_ Live workshop. Care to guess where he’s from? Johannesburg, South Africa! Howzit everyone from South Africa? We’re just hear learning how to help businesses grow in profound ways from the simplest of things.”

Chris Gensheer of Empathy Marketing Group with new friend Marlon who travelled all the way from South Africa.
Chris and Marlon – new StoryBrand Certified Guides!

Love this quote and great summary of why we do what we do at Empathy Marketing Group – help you standout of the noisy marketplace.

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